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Free Criminal Evidence Diagram

Keeping the facts organized in a criminal investigation, workplace incident report, or even a simple everyday timeline of events can be frustrating. Investigators use many methods. But more and more professionals, however, are turning to Criminal Evidence Diagram templates as a hassle-free solution.  A Criminal Evidence Diagram template displays evidence in an easy to understand and meaningful way.

The purpose of the template is to lay out evidence in a way that’s easy for people to see the big picture. At the same time, Criminal Evidence Diagram templates can demonstrate how timelines are useful in displaying an incident’s history. Also, using the templates show how simple geometric shapes can be created showing relationships between participants and evidence. Criminal Evidence Diagram templates are customizable and available free for download.

Using the Criminal Evidence Diagram Template

  • Open the template and enter information about the parties and players involved. Enter the exact time or time-frame the incident happened.
  • Enter the details concerning each incident. Include the date as well as details relevant to the occurrence.
  • Double-check to verify the sequencing is correct and that each happening is documented and supported by evidence.

Tips for Using the Criminal Evidence Diagram Template

  • If you have exhibits or physical evidence you want to include for your presentation or trial, it may help to reference in your occurrence notes events displayed on the timeline. This is so that if there is any discrepancy or questions during the presentation, you will have the corresponding information that you need to refer to the exhibit or evidence you want to include for your presentation.
  • This template can also be used for other purposes. One example is describing a process or series of linear events occurring in business. Another example is use as a timeline to track success or failure of a process or product.
  • Add a company logo or other information to a presentation by adding a text area from the menu for your information and a picture from the menu.


The criminal evidence diagram template is fairly simple to use. It doesn’t require any special software or expert computer knowledge to create.

Download: Criminal Evidence Diagram

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