Checklist for House Cleaning

Checklist for House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is never a fun or easy task for anyone. Sometimes the job can be so overwhelming that one can forget to get certain tasks accomplished. A simple and easy-to-use checklist for house cleaning can ensure that everything gets done a nary a single speck of dust will be left behind.

Checklist for House Cleaning: Using the Checklist

The house cleaning checklist available on this site is one of the most comprehensive available online. The checklist for house cleaning is broken down into four major categories: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonally. There is a set of tasks within each category that can be checked off once they are completed. For example, the tasks included in the Daily category include:

Checklist for House Cleaning

  • Make Beds
  • Do Dishes
  • Straighten Up/Clear Clutter
  • File Papers
  • Do Laundry

Next to these tasks is a small column where you can place check marks. To the right of the tasks is an area where you can write any necessary notes about the tasks you completed. All of the categories are designed the same way. However, the template is completely customizable, so you can add and remove tasks as necessary. You can also rearrange the list to place tasks in different categories if necessary.

This house cleaning checklist could also be turned into a children’s chore list. It can be a great tool to teach responsibility and make sure things around the house are getting done. One way to customize the sheet could be to turn the notes section into a rewards section. This way, your child can see what their reward will be for successfully completing all of the tasks in an efficient and timely matter.

Sections of the checklist for house cleaning could also be divvied up so that other members of the household take on certain chores and responsibilities. These checklists can be placed on refrigerators, bulletin boards, doors or anywhere else in the home that has a lot of foot traffic and is clearly visible. The house cleaning checklist is just one of hundreds of completely complimentary lists, templates, calculators and spreadsheets that is available on this site.

Download: Checklist for House Cleaning

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