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Ready yourself for the new Timeline Template. This is a fast and simple way to document your journey on a path to achieving a major goal. The only thing that this template requires is a few moments to navigate and reflect on what your goals are and the task necessary to achieve them. From there, you will be able to easily complete task after task until you reach your goal. You have all the power, this simply lovable template just helps you lay everything out in a neat and organized manner. Never give into your own negativity. You can definitely achieve any goals you set out to accomplish in an efficient manner with this handy template at your side.

How to Use the Timeline Template

Start by downloading the template; simply follow the link at the bottom of your screen.

The simple template sheet allows you to enter the bulk of your planning on a single page. Open the file containing the template and read the instructions given.

The document is a simple timeline so start by entering the dates relevant to your task. The sample gives you 2011-2017 but you can change these to any month, day, or year depending on the length of your project. Once you have your Timeline Template parameters set, you’ll be free to start entering the important stuff.

There are a variety of text boxes that surround the document. Simply place them in the correct date of your timeline and enter the task/event that coincides with your plans. This way, you will know exactly what you need at each stage of your goal.

Make sure to enter tasks or events that serve as “milestones” to completing your goal. With a clear path to your goal in sight you can achieve any task using this template sheet.

Why You Should Use the Timeline Template

  1. Everything you need is on a single page
  2. Easily customized
  3. Completely Printable

Download: Timeline Template

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