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Free Emergency Family Plan Template

When emergency strikes it helps to be prepared. Although the ideal would be a number of drills each month and ensuring that each family member has first aid skills, sometimes it just takes something simpler, such as some sort of template that lists all of the emergency contact numbers as well as the emergency meeting plans. There is a free template for an emergency family plan that is available for a downloading and can be easily modified to fit your needs.

It is just a matter of downloading the template and adjusting it to the needs of the emergency family plan. Get the emergency family plan template from Microsoft from this page for free today!

Emergency Family Plan: Planning And Preparing

There are a number of issues that need to be debated when modifying the emergency family plan template. The easy part is to list contact numbers; most of these will come from the phone book and just need to be copied over. Besides the usual numbers for police, fire, and ambulance, it also includes numbers for poison control, non-emergency police numbers, and all of the rest.

It also includes important information such as where family members can be found, social security numbers, and basic medical information, such as prescriptions and allergies. There are also spaces for where to meet in case of emergencies, both locally and out of town. There is a lot of information that can be used in emergencies.

Emergency Family Plan: Putting It Together

An emergency family plan needs to look at the worst-case scenario and build from there. The biggest problem is to establish meeting points that can be easily reached in an emergency. There is the potential of making a family emergency plan extremely detailed, but that is a temptation that needs to be denied; the plan needs to be as simple as possible. The plan also needs to be placed somewhere that everyone can find it quickly and access it when needed. By allowing for that access the plan can work out rather well when it needs to.

This plan needs to be discussed and variations allowed for. With today’s technology, the information can be stored on smart phones, making it accessible for anyone when they need it. It needs to also be placed in a secure location due to the information it includes; family members need to be able access it easily, but it also needs to be secure in order to prevent the information from being accessed by those it should not be. Nonetheless, the family emergency plan is something that can save the person in an emergency, and is something that needs to be set up as soon as possible.

Download: Emergency Family Plan

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