Termination Letter to Employee

Free Termination Letter to Employee

It’s always tough to terminate an employee. You did everything you could to resolve the problem, but the other party isn’t cooperating. When all else fails, the Termination Letter to Employee template comes in handy. Creating your own termination letter is time consuming. It’s frustrating coming up with reasons why this difficult employee must be terminated. This template saves you time so you can spend your energy doing something positive and productive. Learn more about this stress-free template below.

Directions to Use the Termination Letter to Employee Template

The Termination Letter to Employee template is already set up to state the basic information. It’s brief and factual with space to list reasons why an employee is terminated. All you need to do is download it and fill in the blanks. The blanks are any generic word or phrase inside brackets. For example fill in [date] with an actual date and [company name] with the company’s name. If there’s anything else that needs changing make those corrections now. Look over it for possible errors or grammar issues. Correct the errors as needed. Print it out. Provide your signature. Hand it over to the employee.

The great news about this amazing template is the cost. It’s completely free to download and use for personal use. This customizable template is available right on this page.

Tips on Using the Termination Letter to Employee Template

  • The template is customized to give a generic feel to every terminated employee. However, every employee is different. Therefore every situation for termination is different. In addition to filling in the blanks, each termination should get a personal feel. If there are additional things you would like to say that isn’t on the template, don’t hesitate. Add it.
  • A Termination Letter to Employee template aren’t limited to difficult employees. Laid-off workers get termination letters too. This leads back to the first point; it has to be customized to fit the laid-off situation.
  • Print the completed letter on company stationery. This is important; the employee will know it came straight from you and the company and not some random person.

Download: Termination Letter to Employee

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