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Free Reference Letter Template

Knowing how to format a reference letter is not always the easiest thing, especially when you are unsure of what the recipient is expecting. This Reference Letter Template will point you in the right direction and will allow you to send a professional and personal reference letter. This Reference Letter Template is extremely quick, easy to use, and simple to complete.

Using the Reference Letter Template

Here is a 1-2-3 explanation on how to complete this Reference Letter Template:

  • At the top right corner put your information. This includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail, and the date you wrote the letter.
  • Right below your information, you will need to put the recipient’s information. This is part includes their name, title, the company’s name that they work for, and the address of the company.
  • The last part of this Reference Letter Template is to write why you are referencing this person. This could be because of their work effort or how quickly they are able to learn something new. Just make sure that this part is truly sincere.

Extra Tips for the Reference Letter Template

  • At the end of your letter, put a personal signature (i.e. sincerely, best regards). This will bring a sense of personality to the reference letter. Making it feel less like a template.
  • You are also allowed to change the font within this template. If you feel the font does not suit the situation; change it up.
  • At the end of the letter, remember to put your title under your personal signature. This will give them a better sense of who you are.

Reference letters are not always easy; but this template makes it as easy as writing a letter to a well known friend. Always remember to follow the extra tips so that your reference letter does not seem like a template; the recipient will appreciate it greatly. Don’t let reference letters scare you off anymore, let this template make it a piece of cake and truly help those that you believe in.

Download: Reference Letter Template

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