Clothing Store Inventory Keeper

Clothing Store Inventory Keeper

It’s finally time that you got your clothing store in good running order with the free Clothing Store Inventory Keeper. This Excel template was designed to give you the ultimate experience as a store owner so you can quickly and easily enter all your inventory and have a record that’s simple to use and easy to update.

There are different sections for clothing sold and clothing in stock so you never have to tell a customer you don’t have something when you thought you did.
If you’re ready to start using this wonderful template, then simply follow the instructions listed below to learn more.

Using the Clothing Store Inventory Keeper

You’ll need to first download the free template file to your computer. To do this, you can simply follow the link we have provided for you below. Next, follow these simple steps.
Go to the List Table tab.





A lot of clothing type and brand names have been entered as an example for your business. You need to sweep through these tables and change them to inventory items you carry in your store. To enter more, simply start typing under their respective columns. They will be added to the list.

Next, Under Clothing Stock tab, enter the name of the cloth type and other details in the columns. Make sure the Name of Clothing is a unique name for different brand names. Again, you’ll find plenty of examples to get you started.


Do not enter the quantity sold or the quantity remaining as they will be updated automatically for you.









Now go to clothes sold tab. You will need to enter Date Sold, Name of Customer, Name of Clothing, and the Quantity.







Now if you go to the Overview tab, you can right –click on any of the slicer tools or the table to update date. This page was designed to give you a complete overview of all the information you entered in your other tables, complete with graphs as well.

Clothing Store Inventory Keeper




The free template gives you everything you need to start keeping track of your clothing inventory. Get started today by following the link below.


Download: Clothing Store Inventory Keeper

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