Weight Loss Journal

Weight Loss Journal

This Excel template for tracking weight loss has a simple input which allows you to see progress over time. Studies have shown that the more a dieter tracks progress, including tracking weight changes, calorie intake, and exercise, the better the weight loss is likely to be. This weight loss journal template includes date, weight, change since last measurement, and comments. The weight loss journal is instantly downloadable and completely complimentary.

Using Comments on the Weight Loss Journal

The comments section is helpful for noting why weight is up or down on a particular day, or changes made to diet at that date. Using the comments section, you can see whether lifestyle changes resulted in a steady weight loss over time.

For example, if you decide to cut something out of a diet, such as carbohydrates, the comments section of the weight loss Excel sheet will document how well that worked and for how long. Another example: when starting a new exercise regime it is common for weight loss to stall for a week. Adding a note about changes to exercise routine is useful for deciding whether the new routine is working, and for reminding yourself of expected jumps and dips in the numbers.

Graphing Weight Loss in Excel

The simple setup of the weight loss journal makes it easy to graph weight loss over time. In most versions of Microsoft Excel, the graph feature is very easy to use. You simply create a graph, and set weight as the Y-axis and date as the X-axis.

The Microsoft Excel programs can recognize that dates are being used, and will give graphs with X-axis displaying months or years. It is also possible to graph the change values over time. This will let the user see when weight sped up or slowed down, and match to comments about lifestyle changes at those times.


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