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Free HIPAA Privacy Form

There are several huge benefits to using a generic HIPAA privacy form. HIPAA privacy law prevents people other than those listed on a privacy form from accessing personal medical information and documents. The biggest benefit is the ability to customize the form for any business name or type. The second benefit is that the form is completely free from this page with a simple download. Another benefit is that the template is easy to use.

Having a generic HIPPA privacy form allows businesses to use the form for different company division names or if the business changes names at a later date. The downloadable feature means that the form is easily accessible because it can be stored offline right on the computer. The ability to change the form allows a business to always have a form readily available for quick access.

Tips for Using the Customizable HIPAA Privacy Form

  • Save the form offline for the quickest access
  • Replace “Your Company Logo” with a picture, logo, or company name
  • Change the font in any section for easier reading
  • Rearrange the items in the form or the paragraphs for exact needs
  • Add the form to an online website for easy client access and changes
  • Re-size the template as needed


A customizable HIPAA privacy form is great to have on hand for people who need to allow access to their medical records. Patients that have a health scare or medical issue that may or may not cause them to be able to respond often fill out one of these forms so that a family member can access to their health information. Sometimes family members will add spouses to their medical record access in case of emergencies. These customizable privacy forms can be added to an online website where patients can access them securely and fill them out from home, if necessary.

A HIPAA privacy form template can be very helpful for hospitals, patients, and family members. It makes access to loved ones medical information accessible from the phone. The HIPAA law prevents information from being given out to anyone that asks. A person must be named on a HIPAA privacy form or they cannot access information that is not their own. A HIPAA form that is customizable makes access easier and quicker.

Download: HIPAA Privacy Form

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