Simple Receipt Template

Simple Receipt Template Free

Making a sale is not only rewarding for the seller, but also for the customer making the purchase and keeping a record of money spent is written proof of the completed sale. The visually consistent brand of your company will lead to repeat customers and increased sales. By using the customizable simple receipt template you can achieve this visual brand consistency in your record keeping for completed sales. This template offers a free, easy to use method for creating a two-part receipt for the seller and the purchaser.

How to Fill Out the Simple Receipt Template

  • First, to create your own easy-to-use, customizable, and free template, download the document from this page.
  • Second, start by completing the left side of the Simple Receipt Template, which is the purchasers side. Fill in the field for the date that the sale will be completed.
  • Third, fill in the number that you would like to assign to this sale.
  • Fourth, complete the field for the sellers Company Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code. Remember that this Simple Receipt Template is customizable so this is where you can ensure consistency with your choice of font to represent your company’s brand.
  • Fifth, fill in the field for the Company Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code for the purchaser. Ensure this is complete and accurate so that the information can be used for future mailings or contact to help make future sales.
  • Sixth, complete the sections for the quantity, items, amount, subtotal, tax and total. This will complete the purchasers portion of the receipt.
  • Next, you will complete the sellers side of the Simple Receipt Template. Copy the date, receipt number and sellers Company Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code information from the purchasers side of the template and fill in the appropriate fields on the seller portion of the template.
  • Finally, copy the quantity, subtotal, tax and total from the purchasers side of the receipt. This will complete your two part simple receipt.

Tips for Using the Simple Receipt Template

  • This form will be an addition to the visual brand of your company. Make sure that you are consistent with fonts and punctuation to maintain a professional document.
  • The sellers copy of this receipt will provide purchaser information that can be used for future contacts and potential sales.

Utilizing this simple receipt template will provide your purchasers and your company with a record of all sales, and a visually consistent brand representation in a free, downloadable and easy to use format.

Download: Simple Receipt Template

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