Job Application Template

blank job application template.

The interview and hiring process can be full of stops and starts. Simply getting the prospective employee in the door and having him or her fill out the proper paperwork can be quite the tall order at times. At least one part of the process can be made easier with a job application template. This template will help you get all the information you need while also saving you time and money. This free employment application template is available for instant download below.

Filling out the Job Application Template

The first step in filling out the job application will be to have the applicant jot down his or her name, date of birth and social security number. The applicant will then answer if they are known by any aliases and if they are over the age of 18.blank job application template.

Next, the applicant will state if they are legally eligible to work in the United States and reveal whether they have ever committed a crime. The basic information portion comes next as the applicant will write down their address and phone number.

The “Employment Desired” section is next. Here, the applicant will say what type of position they are looking for, what type of money they are looking for and the first date they would be available to work. They will also say what hours they are after and if they are willing to work overtime.

The next section is reserved for education. The applicant will write down their highest level of education completed, whether it be High School, College, Post College, Trade, Business or Correspondence School. Also in the education section, the applicant will list other skills that are relevant to the position applied for.

The bottom of the application is reserved for references. Here, the applicant can list the names, addresses and phone numbers of three professional people who will vouch for the information they have provided.

Perhaps the best thing about this template is that there’s absolutely no limits or restrictions on the number of blank job applications you can print off.

Download: Job Application Template

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