Training Budget Spreadsheet

Free Training Budget Spreadsheet

When you are running a business training can be one of your biggest costs. If you do not track the costs of your training things can really get out of hand. The Training Budget Spreadsheet will help you plan out the costs of your training.

You can begin saving money right away, as the training budget spreadsheet is available as a free download on this page. Get the Microsoft training budget spreadsheet today!

Using the Microsoft Training Budget Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is available entirely for free and is completely customizable. Using the Training Budget Spreadsheet is easy, all you have to do is go line item by line item and describe why you need the item and what the item costs. One of the best parts of this spreadsheet is that it requires you to justify each of your line items. The spreadsheet is divided into quarters so it is easy to see what your budget is on a quarter by quarter basis. The spreadsheet allows you to see your budget up close and spread out.

By letting you track your budget quarter by quarter and at the end of the year you are able to see how your training budget differs from each quarter and also how much you actually spend on training for the entire year. If you have not been tracking the costs of your training this tool can make it really easy to start tracking and then start figuring out which line items you could reduce.

Tips for Using the Microsoft Training Budget Spreadsheet

  • Make sure to include every cost from training into the training budget spreadsheet. If a line item is not included in the template you should feel free to add it.
  • Spend time thinking about why you are spending the money on each line item. The purpose of this spreadsheet is not just to track costs but to spend time brainstorming how you can lower costs.
  • Don’t fill out the entire spreadsheet at the end of the year. Fill out the budget on a quarter by quarter basis. This will allow you to recognize high costs that you can cut before you begin planning for the next quarter. allowing your budget to over blow throughout the year instead of addressing your issues at the end of a quarter can damage your finances.

Download: Training Budget Spreadsheet

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