Simple Balance Sheet Template

Free Simple Balance Sheet Template

Let’s be honest, the most tedious thing to do in your own business is paperwork, filing and bookkeeping. It can be overlooked and can cause troubles in your business, if not done properly or kept up with on a regular basis. Keeping track of your assets and liabilities can be daunting without the proper paperwork. Our simple balance sheet template is very easy and understandable to use and can be download in a matter of seconds.

How to Use the Simple Balance Sheet Template

The simple balance sheet template is available to you for free. If you own Excel 2003 or later, just simply click download button on the right side of the webpage. This template is customizable to fit your business needs. Simply use your company logos, phone number, address, and email to your balance sheet.

This template is very user friendly. It comes easy to read and understand ledger columns and the formulas adding up all the totals have been programmed for you. All you need to do is enter your numbers in the simple balance sheet template and the math is done for you and no Excel programming is needed to complete this worksheet.

Tips for Using the Simple Balance Sheet Template

  • Use this form at least once a month. Doing due diligence on your monthly assets and liabilities will give you a better understanding of your business. It will help you determine where your shortcoming and windfalls are coming from.
  • Collect as much information as possible and use it. This information can be used to spot trends month to month. Make the appropriate adjustments to meet your business needs. Remember, all successful businesses are based on the overall numbers.
  • Make sure you save and backup your work. Information on a balance sheet is proven valuable. Don’t forget to hit the save button and backup your information, either on your hard drive or on a USB drive.

All businesses need the proper documented information, in order to succeed and thrive. Use the Simple Balance Sheet Template and you will connected to your business in a matter of seconds.

Download: Simple Balance Sheet Template

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