Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet

Detailed Sales Pipeline Funnel Management Template

Any business owner will tell you that consistent sales are critical to the overall life and success of the company. Monitoring the sales funnel process without the proper tools can be an excruciatingly time-consuming process. A great tool to keep track of all that’s going on is a sales pipeline management spreadsheet.

The sales pipeline management spreadsheet will allow you to spend more time planning or meeting with clients instead of spending hours filling out information by hand. Among the many benefits associated with the spreadsheet is the fact that it is completely complimentary and it is available for instant download right here.Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet

Using the Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet

The sales pipeline management spreadsheet is a business owner’s dream. At the top of the spreadsheet you can add your company name and logo. The template can also be customized to the color scheme of your business of company if you so desire. In addition, you can input any important or relevant business information, such as an address or phone number.

The spreadsheet is broken down into a total of 10 different categories that appear in 10 different columns. The categories included in the spreadsheet are:

  • Account Name
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Forecast Close
  • Potential Opportunity
  • Chance of Sale
  • Weighted Forecast
  • Q1 Weighted Forecast
  • Q2 Weighted Forecast
  • Q3 Weighted Forecast
  • Q4 Weighted Forecast


As designed, there is space for up to 21 different accounts to be entered into the spreadsheet. However, this can be expanded or decreased based on the needs of your company. The “Pipeline Stage” can be defined in one of four ways: Lead, Opportunity, Solution Proposed, and Formal Approval. A “Lead” means there’s a 25% chance of sale. An “Opportunity” signifies a 50% chance of sale. A “Solution Proposed” means there’s a 75% chance of sale, while a “Formal Approval” means the deal is done.

It’s important to note that you will only put business and financial information in the areas that are green and white. Failure to follow this important step could lead to incorrect financial figures and information.

Download: Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet

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