Rent Pay Records

The free Rent Pay Records is a template that can help you track your renter or rent payment through the entire year. The free document includes a calculator that adds up all the totals you enter for the year for a simple and easy final total that you can use for tax purposes and keep a general record. If you’ve ever missed a payment on your rental home or you simply need to keep track of all the renters and payments you are owed, this template has the tools you need to succeed. To get started today, follow the link below.

Getting started is simple; just click the link at the bottom of this page to get started.

Next, enter the name of the tenant or the landlord once you have downloaded the template.

Note, you can choose to either print the sheet and write the information or keep everything digital.

To print the template, click “File” then “Print” above.

Once you’re ready to get started, you can enter your scheduled payments in the main table of the template.

You will enter the due date of the rent, rent period, rent amount in the first few columns of the template.

In column “F” you will indicate whether the amount has been paid and the date when you paid it.

When you enter the amount into the template, you’ll see the last column calculate a running total at the very bottom.

This template is fast, simple, and easy to download. You can start tracking this information and reuse the template again and again.

You can see how useful this tool would be if you need to track multiple renters and their payment information. It’s also helpful if you find yourself missing or late for rent payments often.

Get started by clicking the link below.

Download:  Rent Pay Records

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