New Year’s Goal Template

New Year’s is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. Many people set out to make resolutions with the goal of improving themselves. This is a great goal to have, but it can be really difficult to maintain. The New Year’s Goals Template can help you stay on the right track to achieving your goals and making them a reality. Whether you want to get in shape or make strides towards a promotion at work, this template will help you track and monitor each of your individual goals. Monitoring this information will put you in the mindset to accomplish your goals on time and keep you from slowly giving up on these important dreams. Make this year different with the incredible Goals Template!

New Year’s Goal Template Instructions

Start by downloading the free file below; just click the link provided to begin.

The template is designed to be easy and simple to use. Start by entering all the goals you want to accomplish in the “Goals” column of the document. You can either list major goals that you want to achieve or break major goals down into steps, which is better for organizing.

After you have entered your various goals, select the dates in which you want to accomplish that goal under the “Timeframe” column. You can enter a specific date or just a month, it’s completely up to you.

Once you have completed a task or goal, you can then enter a “v” under the “Done” column, followed by the exact date you accomplished this goal. The template will automatically update the bar graph to the right of the template and list a “Done” box in the far right corner of the page.

In addition to the “Done” box, the template also has an overall goal completion percentage at the top of your document. This takes into account all of the goals or steps you have listed and calculates the amount you have completed with those that you have not.

Now you have all the tools necessary to make your goals become reality!

Reasons to Use the New Year’s Goal Template

  • Easily customized for your specific goals
  • Reusable for any year
  • Everything you need is conveniently on one page

Achieve all your New Year’s goals with this simple template!

Download: New Year’s Goal Template

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