Daily Chore Template

Teaching your children the value of a dollar and keeping your home clean can now go hand-in-hand with the Daily Chore Template. This document allows you to create a comprehensive cleaning template to give your kids and show them exactly what they needs to completed for their chores. This template is fully customizable and can even be formatted to fit your house exactly. Simply follow the steps below to learn how to customize this cleaning template and make one of your own. The best part about this document is that it’s absolutely free, with no fees or even sigh-up required. Just download and begin your journey to a cleaner home today.

Using the Daily Chore Template

The first thing you need to do is download the Daily Chore Template file by following the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step is to go through the first column of both the “AM” and “PM” sections and list the various chores that you want to have completed. It’s best to list outside chore in the morning because it’s not as hot outside at this time, for example.

Using this method you can plan out the perfect routine for the day. The Daily Chore Template lists a few examples to get you started as well.

You can see that at the top of each table is a day of the week. You will just list when you want each chore completed under the corresponding day on the same row. For example, there is an “X” under Thursday in the “Sweep” section. This indicates that the person needs to sweep on Thursday.

You will fill out the same information in the next table. The Weekends are raised slightly higher in case you want to have a break period or you can simply continue to enter chores, it’s completely up to you.

When your list is complete, you will print the document and give it to the intended person so they can start keeping your house nice and clean.

Download: Daily Chore Template

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