Comprehensive Goal Sheet

Achieving any goal, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or you finally want to get that overdue promotion at work, there are always tiny steps that will help you attain these major goals in life! The Comprehensive Goal Sheet is a monthly tracker that allows you to stay one step ahead of motivational drag and maintain these baby steps until you finally accomplish your main goal. The template is designed like a simple calendar, allowing you to enter whether you have achieved your goal for the day or not. The Goal sheet will calculate the number of successful days with the number of unsuccessful days to give you comprehensive feedback, allowing you to analyze the areas of your life that need improvement. Any goal is achievable if you put in the time and effort; this Goal Sheet just helps you do that!

How to Utilize the Comprehensive Goal Sheet

The first step in tracking the progress of your goals is to download the free template provided at the bottom of your screen. Just click the link to get started!

You will begin your journey in the “Vision” tab. In this section, you can list your main goal and replace the pre-written text. This tab simply serves as a reminder for what you are working towards. Every time you want to update your monthly calendar, go through this page and give your motivational paragraph another read-through. This will keep you focused as you continue on your journey.

Next, set a realistic monthly goal so you can easily enter this information into the “Tracking” tab. This section is a simple calendar. Each day you work to achieve your goal; you just click inside the cell corresponding with the day and type “Y”. If you neglected to perform your baby step that day, then insert an “N”.

The Goal Sheet will automatically calculate all the “N” and “Y” ’s you have entered and provide you with a progress percentage at the bottom of the “Tracking” page and a more comprehensive breakdown in the “Monthly Goals” tab.

This is one of the best tools to help you organize your schedule and finally achieve those long lost goals!

Download: Comprehensive Goal Sheet

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