Stock Investment Tracker

A Stock Investment Tracker data sheet is a good tool in keeping track of your investments and seeing how they thrive over the course of time. As you are aware the stock market is not a flat line nor does it move in a constant angle one direction. There are not only good days and bad days causing the market to earn and lose money not only on a daily basis, but by the hour as well. Anyone who watches these looking at the short term are bound to be quickly disappointed.

That is why it is a good idea to take advantage of the Stock Investment Tracker sheet to keep track of the overall success of your stocks. The free Stock Investment Tracker can be easily downloaded right here by clicking on the button to help you track the long term success of your investment.

Using the Stock Investment Tracker

The instructions are easy and it will give you an overall success (or failure) if you just fill out the form with your stock information. The Stock Investment Tracker is also customizable so if there are additional values you want to add this is easily done as well.

After downloading the form it will ask you to do the following:

  • Insert the name of the investment
  • The symbol
  • The number of stocks
  • Trade Fees
  • Total Fees
  • Total Cost (Purchase Price & Fees – automatically calculated by Microsoft Excel)
  • Current Quote Price
  • Market Value (automatically calculated by Microsoft Excel)
  • Gain / Loss in dollars (automatically calculated by Microsoft Excel)
  • Gain / Loss in percent (automatically calculated by Microsoft Excel)

Upon filling this information it will break down the gain or loss value of the stocks that you have invested. A nice feature is that when you are in the negative then the percentages and dollar amounts automatically change to red to clearly reflect the loss.

The Stock Investment Tracker can be used for actual stocks that you own, however this is also a great tool in researching a stock as well. Place the values that you would normally think of investing and examine how your potential investment would flourish or have lose money over the allotted time. This additional research can help decide upon investing or avoiding a potential stock and give you a feel for the value of the stock before investing a cent.

Download: Stock Investment Tracker

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