Annuity Investment Calculator

Free Annuity Investment Calculator

Annuity investments are a popular form of saving money for the future. Similar to a savings account, an annuity earns interest, but all of the interest earned is considered tax-free until the money is taken out. That means the longer the account is left whole and filled, the more money there is to earn interest, and the more money the investment earns in the long term. That said, it’s still a good idea to keep track of just how much money someone’s annuity is actually making them. For that, it’s a good idea to have an annuity investment calculator.

What is an Annuity Investment Calculator?

It isn’t difficult to find out how much money an annuity will pay, but it is time consuming and often times headache causing. Individuals need to figure out the rate at which the annuity earns, how often it’s paid, and they need to re-calculate the balance every time to make sure they’re getting the proper results for every year the account remains whole. Or one could simply use an annuity investment calculator, which will do all of the heavy lifting and number crunching that needs to be done. This file, which is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, already has the formulas embedded in it to calculate how much money the annuity will have under certain conditions. So all someone has to do is download the annuity investment calculator, fill in the blanks, and watch to see what his or her balance will be at a given time.

How to Get an Annuity Investment Calculator

Getting one of these handy Excel-based calculators for one’s annuity interest earnings is actually quite simple. All someone needs to do is go to the link we provided and download one of the files that we offer. There’s no cost, no charge, and someone can download the file as many times as he or she needs to in order to get the job done. So even if the file gets lost, winds up on the wrong computer, or just gets saved over accidentally, all someone has to do is come back, follow the link and download a fresh copy. Once that fresh calculator is saved, it’s ready to get to work calculating how much money one can expect from a given annuity in a given period of time. So why do the calculations the hard way? Download the annuity investment calculator to save time today!

Download: Annuity Investment Calculator

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