Small Business Finance Kit

free small business finance kit

free small business finance kit What does every business need? A great small business finance kit, and you will be able to download just that right here.  The best part is that its all for free. With this small business kit your company will run a lot smoother. You will not have to ignore the money side of your company and that means no more of your hard earned money being lost due to not keeping track of all your day-to-day expenses.

With this amazing kit you will learn how to use, when to use,and why to use the financial statements to benefit your business. This kit includes a basic business finance guide, which is a basic guide to help you understand how to use each statement that is included in the small business kit.

It also includes instructions on how to use each spreadsheet, a balance sheet spreadsheet to help you understand the financial health of your business, and income statement spreadsheet which helps you evaluate your profitability, a cash flow statement spreadsheet which helps you understand where your money is going and a annual budget spreadsheet which helps you keep track of our business and compare profits from year to year.

Its also a big help when tax time comes around. You won’t have to go through thousands of receipts when its all right there. When you download the small business finance kit you will also find plenty of complimentary spreadsheets, including a start up expense budget, a cash flow projection, a weekly cash flow report, and email support. This small business kit is a great asset to every business. This great kit will help you keep all of your finances in track and help your business every day. The best part of all this is that this small business kit is completely free.

Download: small-business-finance-kit

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