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Free Consolidation Report Template

Managing and reporting finances is an important component of running a successful business. If you have a need to consolidate multiple entities into one cohesive financial statement, then our Consolidation Report template will be integral to your success. This template will provide you with a finished product that reflects the financial state of your business in a concise and accessible way. Fast and easy to use, the template provides an effective means of managing your company’s finances.

How to Use the Consolidation Report Template

  • First, input your company’s information into the customizable form. Be sure to include all pertinent information, such as your company’s name, logo, address, email phone and fax numbers. It is important to save your work often as you continue inputting information into the template.
  • Next, set up the fields on the consolidation report that apply to the entities that you are planning to merge on the document. You will include information in the categories of Profit and Loss, Funds Balance, and Cash Flow.
  • Finally, customize each of the aforementioned areas to include information pertaining specifically to your business. This could include your Loans, Liabilities, Investing Activities, and so forth. The template provides some suggested subcategories to get you started, and you can add or delete areas as needed for your company.

Tips for Using the Consolidation Report Template

  • Input the financial data for your company into the white cells. Then, the shaded cells on the template will be calculated for you. This will save you from manual calculations that can be time consuming and prone to errors.
  • The template can serve as a guide for future business practices. Use the data and information synthesized within the report to inform spending and financial decisions in subsequent reporting periods.
  • Ensure that you frequently back up your consolidation report electronically and with paper copies. In the event of an audit or inquiry, it is important to be able to access this crucial financial data for your company.

Reporting and managing finances for your business is essential to your success. Use the Consolidation Report template to make doing so fast and easy.

Download: Consolidation Report

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