Intake and Output Record

Intake and Output Record

If you own a small business, then you probably understand the need for a sheet that creates accountability for items that are used frequently throughout the day. The free Intake and Output Record is a simple template that you can use immediately to track the use of any item, whether you want to know how many bottles of Windex are coming and going from your business or anything else you can think up, this template is easily customized to fit your needs. If you’re interested in using this template to keep track of certain items within your store, then follow the guide below and learn how to download and use this template today.

Using the Intake and Output Record

Downloading the free Intake and Output Record is as simple as following the link at the bottom of this page.

To make this template even easier, let’s use a common example. Let’s say your store uses walkie-talkies to communicate throughout the store. Each device has a number associated with it and you want to track the people using them so none get lost or left in a locker.
Start by listing the date in the first column of the template.

You would then enter the name of the person using the walkie-talkie for the day, along with the number associated with it in the “Intake” column.

When the device is returned to the office for charging, you would simply check the “Output” column of the template.

There is also a helpful “Notes” section as well. Using the same example, you can list if one of the devices came back broken in this notes section as well.

When you run out of space, you can just print a new copy and start over again. It really is that easy.

Download: Intake and Output Record

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