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It is important for everyone from businesses to individuals to keep their finances organized. Using an online budget tool is a wonderful and convenient way of keeping an eye on where, how and why money is used. Enabling an individual to understand their use of money, detect patterns in spending, and of course see where saving and investing money is possible.

Using an online budget tool is easy and requires very few computer skills. One of the best things about this online budget tool is that it is free. There is no need to invest money in fancy software to achieve the same goal. It is customizable in Excel so the individual can make changes to fit their lifestyle.

It is easy to download and save. Just click on the download icon and follow the prompts that include the following: a dialogue box will appear asking for permission to download the file, you will click yes or download, the computer will tell you when the download is complete and now you can begin.

How to Use the Online Budget Tool

  • First, download the file to your computer by following the installation prompts.
  • Second, customize the personal information section in the document to achieve personalization.
  • Third, customize the spending and income cells that represent when the money is going and where it is coming from.

Tips for Using the Online Budget Tool

  • This is your tool so do not be afraid to make it yours and personalize it to meet your needs.
  • Use the data that the budget tool provides. Carefully review the data contained in your tool to recognize trends in spending and ways to save and invest money.
  • When using in form of electronic template to compile data make sure you back up your file online budget tool in case of an emergency. It might be beneficial to print out hard copies but always keep your electronic data backed up.


Everyone needs to be able to track their money and detect patterns in spending, income, investments, and savings. The budget tool is available for free right here, making the process free, fast, easy and convenient.

Download: Online Budget Tool

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