Monthly Household Budget Sheet

Whether you need to save for retirement or you need your first car, the Monthly Household Budget Sheet can walk you through all the necessary steps to get you what you need. The simple budget document is the perfect tool to add to your household arsenal. What really sets this document apart from other budget sheets is that it will give you a space for different categories, all on one page. You will also receive a comprehensive review of all your spending habits to the right of the template page with helpful graphs. If you’re ready to start saving for your household in an efficient way, download the free budget template today.

How to Use the Monthly Household Budget Sheet

You will need to begin by downloading the Household Budget file by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Once you have properly downloaded the template file, you’ll be ready to begin!
Start by entering the correct date in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then, select your budget amount in the “Income” table and throughout the expense tables later on.

The blue table at the top of the template is the positive aspect of finance, your income. Enter all the income types that apply or add them yourself by clicking on an example and typing something new instead.

The turquoise tables are all your expense categories. You should start by going through the list of categories and changing the ones that don’t apply to you. For example, perhaps you don’t have children that go to school and you have already finished, you could change this table to something else that applies to you.

Each table gives you a total in the bottom-right corner. Enter all your expenses and scroll back to the top of the page. You will see the “Monthly Budget Total” table at the top-center of the Household Budget page. You can also see how much you’re spending on each category simply by glancing at the set of graphs to the right of the page.

Download: Monthly Household Budget Planner

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