Travel Packing Checklist

A travel packing checklist is an important travel tool. Travel checklists help you pack what you need. If you are traveling by plane, a travel packing checklist will help you save money by avoiding checked baggage fees. A helpful tool for developing a good travel checklist and travel packing checklist is a packing list template, which you can find for free right here.

Why You Need a Travel Packing Checklist

Packing list templates are created to help define what items are needed for a trip. There are many types of templates to choose from. An excel spreadsheet is ideal for packing list templates, as they can be customized for each trip. Once customized, these templates serve as your travel packing checklist.

If you take a beach vacation, your travel checklist will contain items you need to attend to prior to traveling. Stop paper, stop mail, water plants, board pet and make lodging arrangements make up your travel checklist. Your travel packing checklist will include generic beach items such as sunscreen, towels, hat, sunglasses, bathing suit and beach chair, travel documents, food, beverages and good book.

Leave Nothing Behind With a Travel Packing Checklist

A good packing list template contains a comprehensive list of common items you would pack for a given trip. A great packing list template is also customizable, so you can add additional items that are important to you. Print it out and laminate it, now you have a handy travel packing checklist at your fingertips.

Every time you get ready to take that trip to the beach, pull out your travel packing checklist, and as you pack items, mark them off using an erasable marker. Once packing is complete, erase your markings and store your blank travel checklist for the next trip! For more fun and useful Excel templates like this travel checklist, check out our library full of free Excel templates.

Download Travel Packing Checklist

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