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Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, having a moving checklist can keep you organized even before you begin packing. Using a checklist for moving will save you time and stress when trying to figure out everything that needs to be done. Use this free Excel list template to create your own personal moving checklist. This moving checklist template is customizable to your needs and is free to download. This moving checklist is intended to be simple and easy to use.

Why Use a Moving Checklist Excel Template From Microsoft

Whether you’re leaving a studio apartment or a million-dollar mansion, planning and organization are the most important things when it comes to moving. This checklist for moving provides a complete list of tasks that you may come across as you plan your move. Tasks on the list start four weeks before your scheduled move and run up until the day you leave your current residence for good. There is also a separate worksheet in the template that serves as an “Essentials Checklist.”

You can edit the checklist for moving with desired tasks according to the structure in the moving checklist template e.g. the checklist suggests checking homeowners insurance to make sure you are covered for the move four weeks before. A column in the right is designated in the moving checklist for checking off completed tasks. There is also a contacts list that you can use as part of your checklist for moving to help you get things done faster.

Click the link below to access this free checklist for moving. After you have finished downloading template, you can edit it to your needs in Excel. For more essential Excel list templates like this checklist, see the related templates below or browse our library.

Download Moving Checklist

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