Chinese Conception Chart

Chinese Conception Chart


Basics of the Chinese Gender Table

The Chinese conception chart is an ancient tool used to predict the gender of an expected child, dating back as far as 13th century China. The Chinese conception table takes into account the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception to form a prediction of the baby’s gender. This Chinese conception chart can be downloaded free from our site and is a great tool to use when you are expecting a child. Though the Chinese gender table has been passed down through generations and has seen widespread use among various cultures, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Get your own Chinese conception chart for free here!

How To Use the Chinese Conception Chart

To use the Chinese conception table, merely look at the chart to match up the month of conception with the mother’s age at the time of conception. Where these two numbers intersect on the Chinese conception chart will determine what gender your child will be. The letter ‘M’ designates that it will be a male and the letter ‘F’ predicting that it will be a female.

Test the Accuracy of the Chinese Conception Table

If you are still skeptical about the accuracy of the Chinese gender table, see for yourself by testing the chart with your other kids. If you are expecting your first child, test the Chinese conception chart by looking at your own mother’s age when you were conceived and the month you were conceived in. Then look at the Chinese gender table to see if your own gender was predicted by the Chinese conception chart.

The Chinese Conception Chart and Other Related Templates

In addition to the Chinese gender table, our site offers a variety of other templates related to starting a family, including family budget charts and baby checklists to help you prepare for your newborn and family life.

Download Chinese Conception Chart

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