Energy Usage Calculator

Energy Usage Calculator Template

Everyone knows how vital electricity is, and how important it is to not overuse it. Using electricity takes a toll on both the world around us, and on our wallet. However, it can be an intimidating prospect to take that knowledge and actually make up a practical plan from it. Most people are simply unaware of how much electricity they use, and how much it costs. The best way to actually find out is through use of an energy usage calculator template.

Even better for cost cutting measures, it’s free to download and use from this very page. One of the main points as well is that it’s highly customizable. This allows one to tailor it to his or her individual needs. With just a few easy steps, the calculator will show the energy use and cost of a household.

How to Use the Energy Usage Calculator

  • First, download the template from this page. It’s fully free to download and use, and with the steps below it can be easily customized.
  • Second, fill in the names of the various appliances and the hours they’re used every day.
  • Next, index the watts and cost through the link provided in the template and local power costs. This will provide the actual cost to fill in under the third column.
  • Lastly, one can now check the final total under the green field. This is the cost per kilowatt hour.

Tips for Using the Energy Usage Calculator

  • The strength of the energy usage calculator is the ease of customization. Everything within the template can be altered, including the summary text. One should always feel free to change or rephrase things to fit any individual preference.
  • The energy usage calculator can be printed out at any time. This makes it easy to distribute to a full family. For example, one might print it out and place it on the family refrigerator.
  • The summary text within the template can be added to with additional information about usage trends. One might, for example, add a summary of improvements that have been made over time. If one has made a drastic improvement in power consumption by turning off an appliance at night, for example, it might be worth noting on the template. This can encourage people to keep up the positive habits, and find new applications for it.

Download: Energy Usage Calculator Template

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