Electoral Vote Calculator

If you want a way to accurately assess the success of a candidate there is no better way than with the Electoral Vote Calculator. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can instantly see how well a candidate is fairly so far in the primary elections. It’s important to understand which candidate is most likely to become president and this template gives you a way of accurately measuring each candidate’s chance at the oval office. Just click the corresponding box after each state’s election is held.

Electoral Vote Calculator Guide

You’ll start by downloading the template; just click the link available at the bottom of this page to begin.

The structure of the template is pretty simple. The main table is where you will enter the winner of each state’s primary elections. There is a space for Republicans, Democrats, and Third Party votes.

You can keep the “State” column the same, as this section simply gives you the list for each state.

The “Votes” column may need to be updated but for the most part, it should be all set for you to start entering the elections wins. The only reason to change this information is if there is a new number of senators for that state. You can easily check to see if the current number listed is correct.

When you are ready to start using the template just click the candidate that one in the corresponding state and the template will take care of the rest.

Now you have all the proper tools to keep track of the major wins and losses of this year’s primary elections.

Electoral Vote Calculator

  • Only requires you to click a few checkboxes
  • Already has each state listed
  • Helpful tips and info given on the side

Download: Electoral Vote Calculator

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