Family Tree Template

Example of the family tree template

No matter where you live, where you came from and what path you now travel on the walk of life, each and every person carries with them a unique family history. The easiest way to document and reconstruct this history is by creating a family tree. The fastest way to construct a family tree is by using a family tree template. The template for creating a family tree can be downloaded instantly for free.

Filling Out and Using the Family Tree Template

The template for making a family tree featured here resembles a tournament or March Madness bracket, but it most assuredly will not function the same way. The first step in using the bracket is to input your family name. To do this, simply clear the cell that reads “Family Tree Template” and type in the name of your family or the family the tree is being created for.

Example of the family tree template

The template is designed to trace five generations of your family. To begin creating the tree itself, put your name in the lone box at the end of the tree or “bracket.” The next two boxes will be for typing in the names of your mother and father. It doesn’t matter which name goes in which box. Next, the names of your grandparents will go in the boxes connected to the names of your mother and father.

The next step is where the research really begins. There are eight boxes for the names of your grandparent’s parents, or in other words, your great grandparents. It’s important to get all eight names in order to complete the final step of the tree, which is gathering up all the names of the parents of your great-grandparents. There are 16 boxes reserved for the names of all your great-great-grandparents.

Creating a family tree is the perfect way for a child or student to learn about his or her lineage. It will also give them a project that is not only educational, but also fun. Making a tree truly is a project the entire family can get involved in and enjoy.

Download: Family Tree Free Template

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