Diploma Certificate Template

Free Diploma Certificate Template

When someone completes a grade, class, or program they want some sort of documentation or certificate that they can show for their hard work and determination. A diploma is just the certificate that can give a person that sort of satisfaction and allow them to display their accomplishment proudly.

A diploma shows that they were not just another number in the crowd at some no name place, but they have achieved something important from a well respected institution or program. The microsoft Word diploma certificate template is available free on this page. The diploma certificate template gives the ability to create a prestigious certificate quickly and easily right from your desk or office.

How to Use the Diploma Certificate Template

First, decide the design and look of the diploma certificate template that you will be creating. Be sure to create a seal that will add authenticity to the certificate. Place this graphic into the circle marked seal. 

Second, Put in the name of the school or program preferably in a font other than basic block. 

Third, Put in the person’s complete given name. A person’s name represent their family.

Fourth, put in the date in a proper format. However, put in the date in a longer version than just month, day, year. Explain what day it is and write out the whole year. 

Tips on Using the Diploma Certificate Template

First, make this diploma certificate template look like a real diploma. Make it a diploma of something such as a diploma of completion, diploma stating they are an expert of something, or a diploma certifying the achievement of something. 

Second, take the time to create an official seal and use good quality paper when printing it out. The more authentic and real it looks, the more honored the recipient will be to receive it.

Third, look at diplomas and copy their formats the best as possible. Look for the little things that make it special such as the writing, the wording, and the symbols that are used.

Download: Diploma Certificate Template

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