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Free Classroom Signs

Finding classes and home rooms at the beginning of the year can be confusing, especially in larger schools with a big number of students. This free template will help teachers make colorful classroom signs that will help students easily identify the class. The template is easily downloadable right here on this page.

Designing the Classroom Signs

  • While the template makes designing the classroom signs easy, teachers should also take into consideration the age group, and graphics to be used. Graphics should align with age, subjects, or special things about the class.
  • Find graphics through clipart programs, pictures of special projects, or classrooms. Pictures of the teacher can also be used.
  • Once graphics are selected save them to a file in the computer for inserting into the classroom signs later.

Customizing the Classroom Signs

  • All elements of the template can be changed. To customize the sign click on the square in the outer region of the sign. Change the box color or choose another line style by double clicking on the box.
  • Add shadow or 3-D effects to the box by selecting them from the toolbar. Teachers can also add a colorful background.
  • Begin selecting the color and features for the shaded box by clicking on the boxes behind the text. Customize boxes by double clicking on the box and selecting colors, shadowing or 3-D effects from the toolbar.

Changing Texts and Graphics

  • To change the text click on the text. Highlight any text to be changed and type in the new text. Fonts, text size and colors can be changed by selecting from the toolbar. To choose more elegant and classic fonts select change style for a set of selections.
  • Change graphics by clicking on the graphic icons on the page and selecting insert from the toolbar. Select picture under select and choose the graphic from the file on the hard drive.
  • Add effects to the graphic by selecting the appropriate effect from the toolbar for the classroom signs. Adjust the brightness, contrast, or recolor from selections on the toolbar. Reduce or increase the size of graphics by clicking on the edge point of the graphic, holding down the mouse button and adjusting to desired size.

Download: Classroom Signs

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