2013 Academic Calendar Template

2012 and 2013 Academic Calendar Template

Everyone gets busy sometimes with their lives. Important events, major appointments, and holidays all creep up on you when you least expect it. And it’s easy to forget dates and events when you don’t write them down. Owning a 2013 academic calendar template can help you keep track of those important times. The template is an Excel file which you can download on your computer and print. Microsoft Excel is a computer program with rows and columns in which you can input important information. This template is perfect for students of any age. It’s also instantly downloadable and absolutely free.

What you can do With the Academic Calendar Template

The 2013 academic calendar template is a 10-month template designed with all of the days of the school week in mind. The calendar is listed with the seven-day a week format, with a variety of color schemes to choose from. Calendars are also available for younger students with brighter colors.

2013 Academic Calendar Template

The weekends of Saturday and Sunday are shaded to make it easier to see for those who use the calendar primarily for work purposes. While the week begins with Sunday, for those who want to concentrate on using it for work or school purposes, the template can be changed so the week begins on Monday. Users also have the option of a perpetual calendar, beginning with the month of their choice.

Using the 2013 Academic Calendar Template

The academic calendar template is set up with two months side-by-side, and the months run congruent to one another. The calendar begins in September 2012 and runs through June 2013. There is plenty of space to the right of the template to type in or jot down as many notes as you may need to make.

Download: Academic Calendar Template

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