Super Bowl Squares Template

free super bowl squares template

If you’ve ever been involved in a squares pool during the Super Bowl, you know how exciting every single play can be. Whether it’s a missed field goal, costly interception or last-second touchdown, few can attend a party without being involved in a pool once they’ve had a taste.

As fun as the pool can be, taking the time to create the sheet itself can be very time consuming. Now, a Super Bowl squares template is available that has already done most of the work for you – except find your competition of course.

What is a Super Bowl Squares Template?

A squares pool adds a new dimension to the biggest game of the football season. The most common pool involves a 10-by-10 grid that has 100 boxes. A name is each of the boxes and the name lines up with a number from 0-9. Along the horizontal line is one team and along the vertical line is another.

The goal is to have your name in the box with the corresponding score at the end of a quarter or the game. For example, let’s say your name is in a box that has Team A with 3 and Team B with 0. If Team A has 3 points and Team B has 0 points at the end of a quarter or the game, you’ve won.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter which team is winning or won the game. So long as your corresponding numbers click, you win. Using the above example, Team A could have 13 and Team B could have 40 and you still win! Team A could have 23 and Team B could have 0 and you win again.

Easy-to-Use Super Bowl Squares Template

With a free and easy-to-use Super Bowl squares template, you are in complete control. No more hours of sitting with a marker and ruler attempting to create the perfect sheet. You can spend more time finding people to participate and less time tossing unusable sheets in the trash.

Download: Super Bowl Squares Template

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