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A sports banner displayed by a proud parent or a loyal fan adds life and passion to any sporting event. The banner exhibits a team’s name, mascot, and/or logo, and may even show a particular player or very important player (VIP) from the team. Team members can be expected to have increased moral and experience an increase in excitement after gazing on a team banner. They serve the purpose of advertising the team and the love and respect for the team that is shared by the fans, students, and other supporting groups.

In addition, sports banners are an excellent sign to have during spirit week and at homecoming events at high school. They will help create a moment that large groups, such as school, teams, organizations, can share together.

How to Use the Sports Banner

After you have gathered the required materials and equipment, you will want to follow these steps:

  • First, you will want to download the template
  • Have ready a photo, image, or picture of the team’s mascot
  • Add the image to the sports banner
  • Next, choose the header, font, font size, font color your banner use
  • Choose something short, concise, and inspiring
  • Do not forget to display the team’s name – choose a place with ample space
  • Add images of the equipment used in the sport to add effect and relevance
  • Stick with two to three colors – anymore and your banner may be distracting in lieu of inspiring

Tips for Using the Sports Banner

  • Always use the team colors
  • Proofread before printing – this will save you time, paper,and money
  • Use the print preview feature before printing – this allows you to preview the banner and make the necessary adjustments
  • Make two or more versions of the banner with differing colors


Remember, you are aiming to create a sense of excitement and unity with the sports banner. When all of the tips above are put together, the final product will be one that is liked by many.

Download: Sports Banner

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