NCAA Tournament Bracket Template

The NCAA Tournament Bracket Template is your best chance for predicting the outcome each game during basketball season this year. This template gives you a way to enter everything from team stats to relative seeding information that can help you choose the right teams for your pool. You also get the standard bracket pages that you’re probably used to. You can have everything you need to master March Madness by downloading this comprehensive bracket template.

NCAA Tournament Bracket Template Instructions

You will begin be downloading the file containing this template to your computer. Simply follow the link at the bottom of this page to download the template.

First, enter all the team names in the “Seeding” tab according to the current seed list available online.

Next, go to the “data” tab and enter all the relevant information about the 64 teams playing in the NCAA tournament. You will enter the year, round, seeding number, team, score, and relative seed for both teams playing against one another.

The “Round Success by Seed” tab will take the information you enter from the “Data” tab and give you the most likely percentages of how well a team will do in every round. You’ll see the rounds listed in the top column and each success percentage below, which correspond with a team.

You can also use the “Bracket” tab to keep track of teams in a more visual manner. This is simply the classic method of pairing teams and advancing them in a bracket system once they win.
You can also use the “Round Success by Relative Seed” to determine the outcome of a match based on their relative seed ranking.

The results of the relative seed ranking can be observed in the “Bracket 2” tab.

Dominate your local pool by using this free and efficient template to track, monitor, and analyze data to receive accurate percentages this year.

Download: NCAA Tournament Bracket Template

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