Golf Handicap Calculator Excel

golf handicap calculator excel

Amateur golfers around the world are in a constant pursuit to improve their game. Weekend warriors pack lush courses year round attempting to display their prowess on the links. For those looking to determine their level of play, a golf handicap calculator Excel template can do nearly all the work for you.

Golf Handicap Calculator Excel: What is a Golf Handicap?

A golf handicap gives a numeric value to the potential of the player based on the tee location for any course. The handicap determines a player’s net score from the actual score the player accumulates during a round. The lower the handicap, the better the player is. Handicap rules are also determined by what country a person is playing in.

golf handicap calculator excel

Despite popular perception, a handicap is not a player’s average score. The handicap is designed to reveal the potential of a golfer. A player with an 18 handicap is commonly known as a “bogey golfer,” while a player with a zero handicap is known as a “scratch golfer.”

Golf Handicap Calculator Excel: Using the Handicap Calculator

A fast and easy way to determine your handicap is by using this complimentary calculator. This calculator is designed for five players and 12 rounds of play. For each individual player, simply enter the total number of shot the player went over par for an individual round. Repeat this process until all the player’s scores have been added. By inputting all the rounds of play, you can see the progression (or regression in some cases) in your game. These scores will then be averaged to determine the handicap of yourself and playing partners.

It’s not necessary to play all 12 rounds on the template to determine your handicap. The template is customizable, so rounds of play can be added or removed based on the amount you and your partners enjoy. Additionally, this calculator can be used for as long as you need it. You can track your progress over the course of a week, month, year or decade for that matter.

This handicap calculator is just one of hundreds of complimentary calculators, templates and spreadsheets designed to help with everyday tasks and activities.

Download: Golf Handicap Calculator

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