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Free Crime Scene Template

There is an endless supply of courtrooms and court cases these days. Concise forms are needed that easily describe and illustrate the series of events that led to the court in the first place. Every accident, crime or incident that reaches the court generates the need for a professional crime scene template to add to the list of evidence. The Visio Crime Scene Template is available free of charge at this site. It offers a variety of sizes and locations. Furniture, doors, windows, and appliances can be added with the click of button. Distances can be clearly represented. There is even a street template for outdoor settings; complete with shapes for trees, plants, shrubs and streetlights.

How to Use the Crime Scene Template

  • Choose size of template: options include small, medium, large, and outdoor sites.
  • Establish your reference point: ie. body, vehicle etc.
  • Populate your scene with appropriate furnishings and/or plant life.
  • Add your Compass to establish cardinal direction of your scene.
  • Fill out your title block:add number of pages, date, and time of drawing.
  • Text boxes can be added to highlight pertinent facts.
  • Add your scale symbol to give your template a frame of reference; furniture and evidence shapes can be scaled to the scene.

Extra Tips to Add to Your Crime Scene Template:

  • Drag the green shape control handle to add distance from an evidence shape to a different point other than original reference point.
  • Furniture shapes can be viewed from top or side, and re-sized to fit scene. Use the status bar to check for scale.
  • Streetlights can be used as reference points in outdoor scenes.
  • Use the green corner selection handle or green side selection handle to scale your template, which will divide itself into fields to reflect the new dimensions.


The success of a case hinges in part on the successful communication of the facts and this template offers a clear picture that anyone can follow. Just click the download button to get your free Crime Scene Template now.

Download: Crime Scene Template

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