Analytics Audit Checklist

Audit your analytics data with the fast and simple Analytics Audit Checklist. This template is a tool that was designed to help you improve the data you incorporate into your ad campaigns. You need to ensure that the data you use is accurate, reliable, and perfect for the niches you want to use. The free Analytics Audit document provides you with a list of items to check off to make sure your data meets all these criteria. If you really want to ensure that your data is perfect for the campaign your making then this checklist will be a much-needed tool in your belt.

Analytics Audit Checklist Instructions

To download the free Analytics Audit Checklist file to your computer, just follow the link at the bottom of this page to get started.

Now, look at the structure of the template and the items it requires you to complete. If you need to change either the subject or the subtasks beneath them, you can do so by clicking the cell and typing something new in its place.

When you’re ready to use your list to analyze your own data, you will start at the top “Property Settings” section and go through the tasks that are under that category.

For example, let’s say you’re just starting to check your data, you would first check your default URL to make sure it’s the one you want to use. Otherwise, you would have a major issue right from the start and it’s also something easy to fix.
There may be a few items on the list that don’t apply to a specific project, just skip these for now and move on to the next item. Once you have completed the document you can start to use it to analyze your data.

To print the sheet you will just scroll to the top of the page and select “File” then “Print” from the list of drop-down options that will appear.

Now you have all the right tools to master your analytics data.

Download: Analytics Audit Checklist

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