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Free Informal Meeting Agenda Template

From church meetings, bridal showers, school meetings, business lunches and “get-togethers with a purpose”, informal meetings are an increasing way to get information out for a specific group. Informal meetings are more attractive for levels of social gatherings, as folks can eat or do informal presentations of new ideas. Nonetheless, there should be some structure to informal meetings to assure that they stay on task and that the information that needs to be disseminated is done so. An informal meeting agenda template can be a valuable resource to make sure that even an informal meeting is productive, and that the intended goals are made clear. This site is the place to find the best informal meeting agendas available. They can be used in a myriad of ways in creating and displaying information.

Using the Informal Meeting Agenda Template

An informal meeting agenda template is a generalized document with all of the main points and issues outlined for the meeting. It should have a space to makes notes, as well as a section that can be returned to the facilitator with feedback and suggestions. An informal meeting agenda can be more difficult than a formal one because parliamentary procedure is not often used, and “the rules” are more fluid. This does not mean that an informal meeting needs to be a “free-for-all”, but more concrete steps should be taken to assure the meeting is a productive one.

It might be good to create this document with a list of “to-do’s” in mind, such as time tasks, assignment of duties to members of the group, a list of updates and new information to the group members, minutes of any previous meeting, and most of all, information concerning the next meeting as well as its direction. This template will allow the complete customization of the agenda that fits the need of any group.

The informal meeting agenda template can be customized, downloaded and printed for free. The informal meeting agenda template can be created to meet the needs of any kind of meeting, from ice-cream social, soccer meeting, to a business meeting over lunch. This customized informal meeting agenda template is available for any meeting at any time.

Download: Informal Meeting Agenda Template

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