Baby Shower Gift Tracker

The free Baby Shower Gift Tracker is the perfect tool to create the ultimate baby shower gift tracker. The free template file gives you the space in which to create a free-flowing worksheet where you can list specifics about the gifts you receive from both friends and family this year. This way, you make sure the baby shower is exactly the way you want it with no worry or stress. You can send “Thank You” cards to all the people that came to your special celebration. Simply enter your gift and let the template take care of the rest. If you’re ready to start organizing your baby shower gifts, just read the set of instructions given below.

Baby Shower Gift Tracker Guide

The free template is made available by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Once you have the document on your computer, just click the file to open it and start the editing process.

Start by creating a running list of all the options you will have for gifts. The template already provides you with a pretty impressive list of gift ideas. However, if you want to add, delete, or change anything on the list, simply click the cell that you want to change and enter your new item to replace it.

The next step is to fill out the thank you information listed on the Baby Shower Tracker tab. Consider this as the main table of the document. Here, you will be able to enter the gift that you received, the person who gave it to you; any notes like if the gift was expensive, and finally a drop-down menu indicates whether or not a “Thank You” card was sent out.

You love your friends and family and want to make sure you give them a special thanks for coming to your baby shower and for their gift.

While generic cards may seem impersonal and you might not even remember who gave you a certain gift, this template has you covered.

Download: Baby Shower Gift Tracker

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