New Year Resolution Template

As the excitement and buzz of Christmas dies off, many people will find themselves looking forward to New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is not only a great night out, but it’s also a time when people begin to look towards the year ahead and what they hope to achieve. This brings us to the famous New Year’s resolutions that many people make before the year begins. Writing down these goals is a great way to keep track of them and your progress, as well as having the effect of focusing you on your goals. A New Year resolution template can help you do this.

Making Goals With the New Year Resolution Template

Using a New Year resolution template is a great way to sort through all your thoughts about the year to come. Keeping track of your goals using this New Year resolution template is the best way to ensure that you actually keep your resolutions, as we all know that this is hard to do.

Using the New Year resolution template couldn’t be easier as it is easy and free to download here, and is fully customizable in Microsoft Excel. The template allows you to make a note of all the New Year’s resolutions you have in numerical order. In addition to this, the template includes a column in which you can record when the task is finished.

Following this, there are columns that allow you to plan the time-frame for a particular task. The other section of the template allows you to visually track the time-frame for each task. There is a column for each month of the year, and depending on the information you entered about the time-frame you allocated to each task, it will show up here in a bar that stretches from the start of your time-frame to the end of it.

The word “done” will show up when you have completed a task. Additionally, there is an achievement bar above the main body of the template that lets you see how you are progressing with your goals.

Tips for Using the New Year Resolution Template

  • It’s a good idea to write your goals in order or importance on the template.
  • Use the time-frame application provided to help you to visualize how long each task is going to take, and how you’re going to fit it into your everyday life.
  • Accurately enter your time-frame information and record when you’re finished each goal.


Download: New Year Resolution Template

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