Festival Food Template

Planning a huge celebration is great, but you also have to fill it with food that everyone likes. The Festival Food Template can help you plan out all the meals you want for an event and the people bringing the dish. Anything from family Barbeques to coordinating a giant food-truck festival with other local businesses can be achieved with this free template. All of the necessary items are listed out for you to simply write down. You can even edit and change the template to fit your exact needs. Whatever it is you’re planning, you know the Festival Food Template has you covered.

Using the Festival Food Template

Once you have the free template downloaded (click the link at the bottom of this page), you can begin editing.

The First step is to go through and change any information that you deem unnecessary to your event. For example, if you’re hosting a food-truck event with other businesses to expand your client base, you probably won’t need the “Serves” or “Oven Times” sections as these are geared towards smaller family gatherings.

Instead, you can replace them with sections like “Truck Location” or “Amount of Supplies” as these would be better for organizing such an event.

Diving into the actual Food Template, you can see different meals are split into 5 columns (Appetizers, Entrees, Main Course, Side Dishes, and Desserts).

In column B, you have all the information you’ll list for these categories. Again, you can easily change these items to whatever suits your goal/event best.

Continuing with the Food-Truck festival example, you would have each business participating list their name and other information for each of the categories displayed. If they don’t sell dessert, they can just leave that section blank.

When you have completed editing and filling out the sheet for your needs, just print as many copies as you need to start preparing your meals.

Download: Festival Food Template

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