Tool Inventory Sheet

Owning many items can be daunting to keep track and remember how you acquired them. A good way to keep record of your own personal inventory is by using a tool inventory sheet. This is an easy to use template that you can easily customize with your own personal information.

On this template you will be able to log details for your books, software, games, toys and much more. It is easy to edit and customize it for many purposes. The template has columns for entering descriptions, date acquired, type of item and more. You can download the template for free on this page. Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013.

How to Use the Tool Inventory Sheet Template

  • Download the file for the tool inventory sheet to your computer and save it in any folder of your choice or direct to the desktop for easy access.
  • Find the file where you saved it and open it to begin the editing of the template. There are samples on the template you can replace easily by just highlighting and entering your own details.
  • You can add more rows or delete the ones on the template that you will not be using. On the collections list any amount entered will automatically be calculated.

Tips for Using the Tool Inventory Sheet Template

  • You can choose to use the tool inventory sheet for various collections or use it to track only a desired collection. For instance, if you like collecting action figures you can use the sheet only for this.
  • You can jot down details on how you acquired the figure such as an auction, purchased in a store or if it was a gift. You can even decide to enter additional details for the figure –especially if it is out of the package.

This is just an example on the usefulness of the tool inventory sheet. The ideas for its use can be numerous. The template can be used multiple times and can either be printed out or saved in your computer. Download it from this page today for free and try it out.

Download: Tool Inventory Sheet

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