Parts Inventory

Taking inventory can be a daunting task. The sheer magnitude of the numbers can leave many managers in total confusion. Likewise, documenting that inventory in an accurate manner can be just as difficult. A few key strategies, however, can lead to a more productive and efficient Parts Inventory.

Utilizing a Parts Inventory sheet will help mangers keep track of materials and provide accurate documentation. A consistent template and process will help managers speed up the inventory process, while also making sure essential information is tallied.

How to Use a Parts Inventory Sheet

  • Download the free sheet and save it to your computer. It can be filled out by hand or electronically.
  • Easily customize the sheet with company name, and then fill out the Bin number, date, and page number.
  • Next, simply fill in the part number, followed by the quantity, the unit price, and the extension for each item as you inventory them.
  • The “Extensions” tab, when calculated electronically, will automatically multiply the unit price and the quantity.
  • Finally, calculate the Subtotal and Totals for the sheet. Use another sheet if needed.

Tips for a More Effective Parts Inventory

  • Plan the inventory process before diving into it. Generally, the entire process will take time and having a plan will make it easier.
  • Be sure to make a copy of the Parts Inventory sheet for record keeping. Attaching a copy of the inventory sheet to the bin will help keep accurate records.
  • Color code sheets for quicker identification if necessary. This will make it much easier when trying to find the sheets.
  • If the items don’t have a part number just put an accurate, but brief, description in the parts number section.
  • If filling out by hand, make sure numbers are clear and easy to read.
  • Simple formatting options within the electronic copy can make the document easier to read or highlight information.

The difficult task of taking inventory can be made easier with this free tool. An efficient and accurate inventory process will be expedited by using a Parts Inventory Sheet.

Download: Parts Inventory

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