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Bingo is a great game that is enjoyed by many people. Now with the help of Excel, a person can make their own bingo game. The bingo card template allows a person to make their own bingo cards for home use or for a charity event.

The bingo card template is free to use and can be legally downloaded from this site. It is made in a PDF file so all a person has to do is customize it. There is no limit to the amount of cards that a person can print. They can print a few for at home fund or hundreds for a large group off of the same template.

There are different bingo templates to choose from. All of them are able to be easily customized for a person’s event.

Using the Bingo Card Template

The bingo card template includes a free spot in the center. A person can make a number of different bingo cards from the same template. All they have to do is fill in the empty squares with numbers. The squares on the bingo card and large enough so that a person will be able to clearly see the numbers on their card.

A person can download the template and fill the numbers in on the computer. They can also print out the template and write the numbers in by hand. The top part of the card already has bingo spelled out. Each card can be customized with different numbers in different squares to give each player a fair chance of winning.

The cards that a person can call the numbers on call also be customized so it really will be random. Before printing and using these cards, be sure to read up on the rules of the game as a refresher. The templates are compatible with a number of different operating systems.

The entire download for this template will take less than one minute. It is also supported by all internet browsers and free on all of them. The free bingo card template along with hundreds of other templates is complimentary on this site.

Download: Bingo Card Template

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