Monthly Spending Log

Spending Log


This basic, handy Excel template is simple enough to be usable month after month, keeping your budgeting process regular throughout the year. Nine suggested categories of spending are automatically filled in, but there are plenty more empty categories where you can personalize the template for your lifestyle or for a spending category that does not recur in every month of the year.

Just download the template, make a copy of the blank original, and then customize it to your heart’s content.

Help Your Own Budgeting Plans with the Monthly Spending Log

If you have trouble keeping money in your bank account, this monthly spending log template will help you help yourself to budget in a way that works with your lifestyle. You can use it to plan out a month’s finances ahead of time by estimating how much you normally spend and how much of that is absolutely necessary.

Once you’ve used one copy of the template to figure out your optimal spending habits, you can keep track of your actual spending over the course of the month and see in which categories your estimates were off and why.

The Monthly Spending Log is Simple to Use

Once you’ve modified a monthly spending log to your own needs and specifications, the design itself makes it easy to use. Rather than being laid out by day of the week, which would require a template using ridiculously-complicated reconfiguration for every different month and year, this log is split into two 10-day segments and a final segment of the month which simply ends at the conclusion of the month.

In this way, you can make short-term as well as long-term calculations with the same simple template. Once you’ve filled in your day-to-day expenses, the log calculates for you how much you’ve spent in that segment or category, plus the monthly total.


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