Simple College Budget Template

Free Simple College Budget Template

When you are in college many of your income and expense items happen on a quarterly or on semester-by-semester basis. Traditional budget templates are broken done on a month by month or week by week basis and it can be very difficult to adapt the budgets to meet the needs of a college student. The simple college budget template is free, easy to use, and is completely adaptable to the needs of a college student.

How to Use the Simple College Budget Template

The Simple College Budget Template has two pages, but when you are entering data you only need to worry about the first page. The first page features a list on the left side that allows you to record all of the expenses and income for the semester. You classify each item as either an income or an expense and you give each item a date and an amount. The user is also allowed to describe the item. This list allows you to see your cash flow at a glance.

The data you enter into the list is transferred over to a graph found on the right and to the second list. Both the list and graph show your income versus your expenses but depending on whether you are a visual or a numbers person you may prefer one or the other. Having the data in both forms is extremely convenient. The Simple College Budget template is simple, easy to use and it is completely free. Having this type of resource available for free is great for a struggling college student that is trying to map out their resources on a regular basis.

Simple College Budget Template Tips

  • Use the template before you begin every semester, that way you know what your cash flow is like for the entire semester.
  • If there is a change in your income or your expenses you need to update your budget immediately.
  • Use both the graphs and the list to see your budget in both visual and in number form so you have two different ways to understand your budget.

Download: Simple College Budget Template

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