Social Media Weekly Schedule

There are many apps and templates out there to help people plan, organize, and analyze the time you spent implementing social media strategies. Whether you’re a business or someone that wants to build their following, putting the proper amount of time essential. This one document has everything you need to properly plan your posting and social platform management time. Now you can plan the time you spending managing your social media presence with precision and accuracy. Download this template for free today and get started on building your social platform!

Social Media Weekly Schedule User Manual

The first step to mastering your social media presence is to download the free template. Just click the link provided at the bottom of your screen to begin the downloading process!
The first column is a list of all the times when you want to post your material. You can change any of the pre-written examples by clicking on a cell and typing something new.

The next step is to write your daily schedule in the appropriate time slots. Feel free to interject other elements of your life as well, such as work, the gym, breaks, or anything you need to make your day more creative and energetic!

If your item is a recurring factor in your week, simply click and drag the column through all of the days of you need, then fill in the box with any color. You can do this by selecting the paint bucket icon at the top of your screen and choosing the right color.

When you have successfully planned out your entire week, you can print the document. Press the “File” tab in the top left corner of the page and select “Print” from the drop-down menu. You don’t have to waste time struggling to come up with a plane. Have a strategy in place by using this comprehensive schedule template.

Top 3 Features of the Social Media Weekly Schedule

  1. Simple format makes customization easy
  2. All your information is located on one tab
  3. Formatted for easy printing

Download: Social Media Weekly Schedule

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